Green and easy paper planters

It’s been 2 years since I last made paper pots to start off my veggies indoors.

Last year, I was in Spain where any seed you stuck in the ground seemed to fare well. My successes of seed sowing in the UK however, have not been comparable. What I did manage to grow in my garden in London, I had started off indoors. This way, by the time they were unleashed into the wild, they were big enough to hold their own. Seeds that I planted straight into the soil I think became muesli for the garden’s resident squirrel.

Anyway, for this summer, I will find myself in Scotland and looking forward to moving into a new flat. A whole new garden will be mine for the digging but not until June. I have decided therefore, that pre-growing is my only option.

These paper pots suit me on many levels. They’re cheap, green and easy – you can plant them straight out into a hole in the ground as the newspaper will eventually succumb to the roots and soil.

Here’s a tutorial of how to make them. You could also give this one a whirl if you’ve more time on your hands.